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FloatBackLogoKentucky Outdoor Adventures is proud to partner up with yet another innovative company, Floatback Lures.  Floatback Lures has developed a transformational and disruptive technology that we believe will change the lure industry.  Floatback develops lures where the hooks are not permanently attached to the lure, but to the line itself.  This allows for the crank bait to eject from the hooked object allowing the lure to float back to the surface for retrieval.  What does this mean?  No more lost crankbaits when you get snagged on underwater structure.  When the lure gets snagged, the hooks eject therefore decreasing the amount of valuable fishing time trying to unsnag the lure and saving you money on lost crankbaits. 

When hooked on a fish, the lure ejects increasing the chance of a double hookup, which in turns doubling your chances of landing that trophy fish.  This same action helps to prevent throw-offs when reeling in your fish.  As the lure ejects from the hooks, the fish no longer has the ability to leverage the lures weight to throw the hook.  This new technology should greatly increase your hook to land ratio, save you money on lost lures, and save you precious time messing with trying to retrieve snagged lures.

We are very excited about this technology and will be featuring their lures in videos and reviews over the next several months.  Floatback Lures also made a big splash at iCast 2013 received lots of praise and feedback from FLW and Bassmaster Elite Series pros.  Here’s what some people at iCast 2013 had to say about Floatback Lures:

“That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen” – Casey Scanlon, BASS Elite series Pro and winner of Bass Pro Shops Central Open 2012

“The Floatback Lure was, unquestionably, the best product at the 2013 iCast show… I have not been this excited to work with a product for 10 years, it’s that different” – Charlie Ingram, Fishing University’

“Floatback has the technology to change the fishing retail industry, in fact its hook release mechanism is the holy grail of lure fishing, they have been trying to design this for 20 years” – Joe Higgins, VP at BASS

“I truly believe the Floatback Lure was one of the few things that stood out in my mind at ICAST this year… I think you have a product that the consumer will buy” – Ty Sjodin, Babe Winkleman


Floatback Lures are available at Tacklewarehouse and Mystery Tackle Box or you can order them directly from Floatback Lures.


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